The most effective way to build positive awareness for your product or service is to define your target audience, understand their needs and communicate your benefits in a relevant, compelling and believable way.

We have launched or re-positioned dozens of brands, and believe the best campaigns are based on consumer insight and integrate across marketing channels. With insight as a springboard, we identify customers and influencers for education, seeding and partnership. We then leverage social media to initiate and maintain a credible dialogue or extend the reach of a promotion or event. This approach is particularly effective when combined with news and information delivered through traditional media.

“Janice is a PR expert and an innovative and strategic thinker. She is very good at developing creative, business-focused ideas that integrate well with overall brand strategy and deliver breakthrough results. In fact, she often turns PR skeptics into believers.”
- Stefani Valkonen is Communications Director at a leading global consumer packaged goods company