The media landscape is changing. Journalists are still important, but companies must also communicate effectively with bloggers, citizen journalists and customers—often publicly through social media.

Newsrooms staff cuts have given a smaller group of journalists more influence. To stay on their radar, responsiveness and relevance is key. As our many media contacts know, we are always quick to respond and provide commentary that is tailored to their audience and content that can be used for blogs, video reports, etc. Because there is plenty of opportunity for companies to disseminate their own content, we also help clients use channels like Twitter and Facebook, as well as the broad range of social media tools to communicate directly with customers, investors, stakeholders and influencers.

“In a very short period of time, Janice established herself as an important partner to our team. She took the time to understand our business and the issues we face and crafted clear, consistent messaging to help us tell our story to media and others. As a small, but growing mining company, we find her approach extremely valuable and think of her as much more than a service provider.”
- Darren Blasutti, CEO, U.S. Silver & Gold