The way an organization handles communication in the face of a crisis can determine whether or not reputational damage results. This is particularly true in today’s 24/7 news cycle where social media and citizen journalism can play a key role in how the story unfolds.

Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis but, with preparation and planning it is possible to mitigate the reputational impact of even the most negative situations. We work with clients to help make their initial response the most effective it can be. We also assist with the advance work needed to effectively manage a crisis situation. This includes identifying stakeholders, preparing spokespeople, developing messaging, establishing a notification system and working onsite to help clients handle the day-to-day details of managing a crisis. Our experience includes handling health and safety issues, product recalls, plant and environmental problems, layoffs, activist attacks and media investigations.

“Janice is a valuable resource and can always be counted on for sound business advice. Her skills run beyond crafting and creating effective communication strategies. She’s adept at managing stakeholders, particularly when a crisis or media issue arises. She is also resourceful and creative on the marketing side and able to get results even when budgets are tight. And she’s a pleasure to work with.”
- Howard Bogach, President, Tarion Warranty Corporation